Trailer by Ole Kristensen

Photos by Ole Kristensen

Plotter, arduino, electronics, custom firmware

Arduino Drawing Electronics Generative Installation Processing

Generative plotter drawings

Reviving an old Roland plotter, i programmed it to doodle in Processing.
It took a few months, but it eventually ended up doodling the same way I do myself during long sedentary phone conversations.
It has since been updated to run from an embedded Arduino chip.
The complexity of the doodles is higher than i usually do them by hand and look slightly manic.
Before starting up a doodle, the plotter has to be loaded with paper, and the button pressed. The plotter will describe itself, and plot a start price. It doodles until stopped, occasionally raising the price at a rate of 12 € an hour.
When stopped, it signs and numbers the drawing.
The resulting sheet is sold as a unique pen drawing.
The plotter has been doodling away for some time at Halfmachine, and has been exhibited at the Alt_Cph opening, curated by Stine Hebert and Mikrogalleriet.
Thanks to Jacob Sikker Remin from Mikrogalleriet for helping me with the project. Thanks to the guys at Illutron for helping me cram version 2.0 into an arduino. And to Peet from Black Box Gallery, who put it up in Brunnhofer Galerie in Linz parallel to Ars Electronica 2010.


2012 03  Click Festival at Kulturværftet, Elsinore
2011 12  Multiple Market at Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen
2010 11  Multiple Market at Mikrogalleriet, Copenhagen
2010 11  New Media Days at Carlsberg, Copenhagen
2010 09  Exhibition at Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz
2008 12  Festival at Jul Under Vand, Copenhagen
2008 09  Festival at Alt_Cph, Copenhagen

Open Source code:


Work in Progress 2008