Trailer by Søren Meisner

Full documentation of Act I by Tina Tarpgaard

Full documentation of Act II by Tina Tarpgaard

Behind the scenes by Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan

Photos by Søren Meisner

Infrared camera, videoprojectors, custom software

Infrared Tracking Interactive Modern Dance OpenFrameworks Projection Mapping Set Design

Typing, sampling and tracking dance

Time Map is a dance performance that is sampled, manipulated and reconstructed, as if you where in a film set and part of a live editing process.
In this time displaced universe 3 people meet. Ottilia 1886, Rose 2008, Keem 2258 – each of them seeking to find justice.

The three dancers have worked from a base of true stories from past, present and future.
Being placed in past, present and future their stories are portrayed visually, physically and dramatically.

They meet in the court room in a battle with words – from taking orders to making them fly across the screens.

Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan created the videoscenography using infrared motion tracking implemented in openFrameworks. All video and lights were cued from qLab using midi to Isadora through to a GrandMA node, our own custom OSC server, openGL renderer and scene and text editor. During the performance all text was typed live by the author Gritt Uldall on stage. The choreographer had control over some of the scenes from her own laptop. Some parts of the first act were filmed and edited on stage during second act for an epilogue shown in the lobby.

With: Jonas Jongejan, Tina Tarpgaard
For: Recoil Performance Group
Full credits at the project website


2009 04  Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Open Source code:


2009 04  Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Open Source code:


TimeMap#3 2009