Screengrab from Zirkulation Festival

Documentation from Copenhagen Central Square by Jonas Jongejan

Documentation from New Media Meeting 3 by Ole Kristensen

Photos by Frederik Hilmer and Jonas Jongejan

Infrared camera, DSLR camera, bespoke software

Infrared Tracking Installation Interactive OpenFrameworks Photography Screen-based

Photographic Video Installation

An interactive photo installation created for a 4,5 x 8 meter LED monolith that works fine on a projection. Combining infrared tracking of a normal light bulb and still images, to index photos of audience in a database according to bulb position within the picture frame. When participating audience moves the bulb within the field of view, the screen flickers through previous images of other people having had the bulb at the same position. When someone moves the bulb to an unihabited spot with no previous images, it will flash and that person will now be shown when the bulb is put in the same position.

Jonas and i sketched up the installation in a few days for re:new 2008, on a very short notice. First iteration was done in processing, but with memory issues. Despite that it ended up having a playful and informal presence in the Copenhagen Main Square.

We have since then been invited to New Media Meeting 03, where we decided to port the software into open frameworks, and spent two days bashing a Nikon D80 into submission. The installation ran smoothly.

With: Jonas Jongejan


2008 11  Zirkulation Festival at Baghold, Copenhagen
2008 09  New Media Meeting 3 at Norrköping, Sweden
2008 09  Pecha Kucha at Brorsons Church, Copenhagen
2008 05  LED Monolith at re:new festival, Copenhagen Main Square

Open Source code:

Google Code Project


Stop Motion 2008