2D video documentation by Jan Vesala

Photos by Jan Vesala

Spectral comb filters and 3D glasses, projectors, bespoke software

3D Stereography Featured Interactive Modern Dance OpenFrameworks Set Design

Modern Dance with 3D Projections

STEREO is a powerful pertubation of the senses presented by award winning recoil performance group. A graphic universe in 3D and an intense duet between man and woman, between reality and illusion. With STEREO recoil performance group adds a new dimension to their frontiering video scenographies: Thus, the space around the dancers' bodies collapses and expands indefinitely; it curls up or slips off the stage tempting the audience to reach out.

With access to spectral comb filters and glasses it is possible to develop our existing minimalist scenery of dynamic trompe l'oeil projections with live manipulations of the perceived distance and scale of the stage space.

The initial research took place in Culture Yard Elsinore at the Click festival 2013 where I made the first tests with spectral comb filters. In January 2014 the project was developed further during a residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center in NYC. We were happy to enjoy the local participation of ITP and Parsons students Maria Paula Saba, Bernado Schorr.

In may 2014 the Click Festival hosted recoil performance group to create an installation based on the STEREO concept.

And finally in 2016 we could present our first full dance performance with stereographic 3D projections.

For this project all scenographic elements were broken down in voronoi volumes that would scale and reconfigure during the performance.

With: Johan Bichel Lindegaard, Tina Tarpgaard, Deborah Vlaeymans
For: Recoil Performance Group
Full credits at the project website


2016 05  Click Festival at Kulturværftet, Elsinore
2016 06  CPH Stage Festival at Takkelloftet, Operaen / The Danish Royal Theatre, Copenhagen
2016 08  2016 Digital Art Festival at TaiPei, Taiwan
2017 05  National Tour at Denmark

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Stereo 2016