Trailer by Søren Meisner

Full performance documentation by Recoil Performance Group

Photos by Søren Meisner

Infrared camera, videoprojectors, custom software

Featured Infrared Tracking Interactive Modern Dance OpenFrameworks Projection Mapping Set Design

Award winning trompe-l'œil on the dance floor

Living Room is a performance of an hour with 3 dancers on stage. The projected scenography evolves during the whole performance. Most of the video scenography is made of a polygon world that is randomly generated in the beginning of each performance. During the show it is being crumbled and manipulated live by the dancers.

For this performance I co-developed the scenographic concept and implemented some new concepts in our software. Most notable a simple method of independently rotating the z-axis of a plane to allow for trompe-l'œil effects of eg. holes in the floor from a movable vantage point in the audience seating.

The software for Living Room builds further on Cocoa and Objective-C wrapper for openFrameworks; ofxCocoaPlugins. We intergrate openFrameworks into a cocoa-based Mac OS X Lion application running on a mac pro, seeing the dancers through a Allied Vision Technologies Manta camera, showing the openGL graphics using two video projectors, shooting diagonally onto the white dance floor. The two projectors have 0.7 wide angle optics and the software is qued from qLab using apple’s midi networking capabilities.

With: Jonas Jongejan, Tina Tarpgaard
For: Recoil Performance Group
Full credits at the project website


2012  Best Dance Performance of the Year at Reumert, the National Danish Theatre Awards


2014 04  National Tour at Denmark
2012 12  ICE HOT, Nordic Dance Platform at Helsinki
2012 11  Tempel Tanzfestival at ZKM, Karlsruhe
2012 11  Performance at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2012 04  Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Open Source code:


Living Room 2012