Documentation of full performance by Ole Kristensen and Deborah Vlaeymans

Photos by Ole Kristensen

Videoprojectors, stereographic software, 3D glasses

3D Stereography Generative Music Performance Quartz Composer Set Design Videography

DIY 3D cinema for music performance

In january 2012 I travelled to the Yucatan peninsula with Deborah Vlaeymans. We brought along a 3D camera and a question for the Mayas: Did they believe the world would end on December 21st? The answer was fortunately no.

Our travel and stereographic films formed the basis of a series of 3D music performances in Copenhagen. I created a mobile 3D cinema, that travelled the city on a cargo bike.

The stereoscopic films were combined with realtime stereographic animations. The show ran from qLab using Quartz Composer patches to integrate playback and animations. Our DIY projection setup was RealD compatible, and the audience could use the regular glasses from the cinema.

In our travels and the research we learned a lot, not just about how to work with stereoscopic content and the intricate details of the ancient Mayan calendar. The Mayans we met lived very modest lives in small villages among the ancient ruins. They earned next to nothing from the vast tourist groups visiting their heritage on daytrips. The tax-exempt all-inclusive hotels in Cancun made sure to insource all revenue generating activities.

The Yucatan is a beatiful place, and the Mayan heritage is breathtaking. If you go there, please get out and about and stay at locally owned hotels, it made our trip so much more rewarding.

With: Deborah Vlaeymans
Full credits at the project website


2012 12  Performance at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen
2012 12  Performance at CafeTeatret, Copenhagen
2012 11  Performance at Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen
2012 10  Performance at Københavns Musikteater, Copenhagen
2012 10  Release at Science and Cocktails, Christiania


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