Full performance documentation by Recoil Performance Group

Trailer by Søren Meisner

Photos by Søren Knud Christensen and Søren Meisner

Infrared camera, videoprojectors, custom software

Arduino Infrared Tracking Interactive Modern Dance OpenFrameworks Projection Mapping Set Design

The game is on the stage

With graphics and choreography inspired by the totalitarian collectivism in games like “Lemming’s” to the anarchistic individualism in “GTA”, “Fuck you Buddy” is a performance for the sake of the game, a game about winning at any cost and about being born inherently selfish…..or?

The fusion of “game theory” (a mathematical attempt to pre dict human behaviour) and the dramaturgical development in computer games in the last decade, is the conceptual and visual frame of this performance for 4 dancers and an interacting video scenography.

Fuck You Buddy was from the outset designed to be tour-friendly and as such our software is flexible and easily adjustable for different stage dimensions.

The software for Fuck You Buddy builds on our move into Cocoa and Objective-C from Frost. We integrate openFrameworks into a cocoa-based Mac OS X Snow Leopard application running on a mac pro, seeing the dancers through a Point Grey Flea 2 IEEE 1394b camera, showing the openGL graphics using two video projectors, shooting diagonally onto a white square of dance floor. The projectors have 0.7 wide angle optics and the software is qued from qLab using apple’s midi networking capabilities. We control the led lighting, ir floods, lasers and tracking leds with arduino’s spewing dmx and using xBee’s.

With: Jonas Jongejan, Tina Tarpgaard
For: Recoil Performance Group
Full credits at the project website


2010 12  ICE HOT - Nordic Dance Platform at Stockholm
2010 10  Intercity Festival at Teatro Studio di Scandicci, Florence
2010 02  Premiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen

Open Source code:

Google Code Project


Fuck You Buddy 2010