Documentation of full performance by Tina Tarpgaard

Photos by Søren Knud Christensen and Nelson Rodrigues-Smith

Infrared camera, videoprojector, bespoke software

Arduino Infrared Tracking Interactive Modern Dance OpenFrameworks Projection Mapping Set Design

Modern dance on a melting floor

We created a universe of frozen bodies, melting ice and dripping waters. The scenography is constituted by video projections in concert with Andreas Buhl‘s lighting design, using led based light sources to accomodate the intricacies of infrared tracking. In some scenes both light and projections are mapped to the tracked positions of the dancers.

Frost was from the outset designed to be tour-friendly and as such our software has to be flexible and easily adjustable for different stage dimensions.

The software for Frost intergrates openFrameworks into a cocoa-based Mac OS X Snow Leopard application, running on a mac pro, seeing the dancers through three Point Grey Flea 2 IEEE 1394b cameras, showing the openGL graphics using a single video projector with a 0.7 wide angle optics and qued from qLab using apple’s midi networking capabilities.

With: Jonas Jongejan, Tina Tarpgaard
For: Recoil Performance Group & Danish Dance Theatre
Full credits at the project website


2010  Best Dance Performance of the Year at Reumert, the National Danish Theatre Awards


2011 05  Amman International Dance Festival at Jordan
2010 11  Repremiere at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2010 05  Excerpt Performed at Reumert Awards Ceremony, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen
2009 10  Premiere at Hippodromen, Folketeatret, Copenhagen

Open Source code:

Google Code Project


Frost 2009