Trailer by Tina Tarpgaard

Documentation of full performance by Ole Kristensen

Photos by Jonas Jongejan

Infrared camera, videoprojector, processing code

Featured Infrared Tracking Interactive Modern Dance Processing Projection Mapping Set Design

Tracking dance in Recoil Performance Group

Two dancers and their digital reproduction are the scenographic frame of this humorous and emotional portrait of human relations. Based on rules and structured in a game like manner, the installation makes way for a playful dialog between the man, woman and the digital “footprints” they leave behind.

The Body Navigation performance was originally part of a larger installation and modern dance performance in Copenhagen, by Tim Rushton, Danish Dance Theatre called Labyrint.

We used processing for the infrared blobtracking of the dancers and drawing the open gl graphics. During the performance Tina controlled the whole thing live from an Isadora-based interface via osc.

With: Jonas Jongejan, Tina Tarpgaard
For: Recoil Performance Group
Full credits at the project website


2012 03  Click Festival at Kulturværftet, Elsinore
2012 03  Mostra Interarte at Crescer e Viver, Rio de Janiero
2010 11  Intercity Festival at Teatro Studio di Scandicci, Florence
2010 06  Dance Digital at the Hat Factory, Luton
2010 01  Plaza+ Festival at Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
2009 11  Ke∂ja at KHiO, Oslo
2008 12  Performance at Histrionski dom, Zagreb
2008 05  Labyrint at Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen


Body Navigation 2008