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Screenshot of scripted mogrt publication - Copyright 2020 Den Frie Vilje

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Node.js, Gitlab, Ansible, Angularjs, ExtendScript, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Jamf, Mac Pro.

Airlook Broadcast Generative Motion Graphics Rendering

Realignment of Design Elements Across Media Brands and Platforms.

In 2020 The Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR had to transition some of it's brands off-air, from flow to streaming. At the same time the many sub-brands in the house had to be realigned, yet remain distinct. In the fragmented media landscape the main DR identity had to become sharper and more recognisable across all outlets and platforms.

The project to rebrand DR was developed in record time. In no more than half a year we went brief to implementation.

I was deeply involved in the whole design process. Accounting for the many heterogenous technologies and platforms that forms the branding process of a national broadcaster and making sure the changes became implemented across Flow, SoMe and other outlets was part of my role.

We did the hands-on work of consolidating assets and scripting responsive elements in an Adobe After Effects master project that feeds a git-based CI/CD system.

I did the coordination with the corporate IT department to enable automated continuous rollout of motion design assets across the full organisation, leveraging existing platforms such as Jamf.

DR Design now has a single repository for their main branded motion assets that can produce, distribute and update manual branding Motion Graphics Templates for Adobe Premiere across all Adobe users in the organisation, and keep the design revisions in sync across MacOS and Windows clients, Vantage templates, and our automated MacOS rendering farm for flow broadcast breakers.

With: DR Design, Johan Bichel Lindegaard
For: Danmarks Radio - Danish Broadcasting Corporation


DR Rebranding 2020